("God is in the details." Mies Van der Rohe)

RESIDENCE / King City /1972 -
( "You say the word "house" and it means so many different things to different people.... One thinks of a farm; another of a cliff dwelling in the urban landscape. Environment is culture and culture is archetypal; it grows from deep within you, embodies long-lived feelings towards shelter, family, community and self. To me the word "house" calls up images peculiar to my early environment." Moshe Safdie)

COUNTRY HOME / Collingwood, Canada - ( " Even cultured men and women care so little for the spiritual integrity of their environment; except in rare cases they are not touched, they simply do not care for the matter so long as their dwellings are fashionable or as good as those of their neighbors and keep them dry and warm. A structure has no more meaning to them aesthetically than has the stable to the horse.... There are exceptions..."Frank Lloyd Wright)

( "Modern the Gothic desire for spatial continuity and incorporeal structure... It makes use of Baroque experimentation with undulating walls and volumetric movement, though here too not because of definitive esthetic ideals, but as a consequence of functional considerations which are soon absorbed and forgotten in splendid poetic forms, in which massive Baroque walls are replaced by light... " Bruno Zevi )

HURDMAN INFO CENTRE / Ottawa. Canada - ( "What was eclecticism? The architecture of industrial expansion. When conflict arose between utility and life, between myth and art, two aspects of industrial civilization appear: romanticism, turned toward the past, and mechanicism, turned toward the future. " Bruno Zevi)