Morton Katz

Toronto, Canada

Morton Katz, an international, Toronto-based artist, is a former University of Toronto professor, and architect.

Morton Katz began his exploration of form and function in his modernist architectural works and furniture designs of the early sixties.

His 'Sundial House', built in 1969, was one of his experiments - the 8,000 square foot, poured concrete residence acts as a giant timepiece. The house was designed so that the bedrooms would receive morning light. As the sun completes its cycle, the living room enjoys the sunset and one could virtually tell the time by the position of the sun in relation to the radiating fin walls - a concrete sundial.

Another example of his refined experiments with function and physics is his Lincoln Fields Information Centre in Ottawa (1982). A human-scale, public space - a transportation hub accommodating thousands of commuters daily.

The Lincoln Fields Information Centre follows in the tradition of the mid-nineteen century train stations. From the elegant and voluminous waiting room of the Bonaventure Station in Montreal (demolished) to the sense of the exterior created by "street furniture" in the St. Eustace Station in London, there is a transposition and melding of these elements into a contemporary idiom.

Morton Katz' sculpture is a natural extension of his architectural works and teaching philosophy. His interest in structure, specifically, as it relates to the dynamics of both stasis and flight, is expanded. One of his series examines birds in minimalist form, ranging in height from 4 inches to 20 feet. The birds, found in public sculpture gardens and private collections, are created with a delicate balance of tension and compression, conveying seamless flight. They are vivid line drawings in space.

He has had 36 public exhibitions including 8 solo shows and was selected as a Canadian artist to exhibit at The Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. Morton has taught at the Art Centre, Central Technical School, Avenue Road Art Centre, Haliburton School of the Arts and at St. Michael’s College School.

He is a past president of the Sculptors Society of Canada and, as Gallery Director of the SSC Gallery at First Canadian Place, he curated the Magdelena Abakanowicz exhibition.

Katz's work is characterized by his architectural sensibility coupled with fearless explorations of materials, techniques and genres. The sensitive line of his sketches is manifested in his oil and acrylic paintings.

THE ECLECTIVE UNIVERSE is a rare opportunity to see a range of Morton Katz's work including his newer collections of paintings and mixed media creations.

Morton Katz's works include public monuments and permanent installations in Canada, the US and the UK. His work has been exhibited in the US, Canada and Japan, and are held in private collections around the world.